RETASTE: RETHINK FOOD WASTE Conference, Athens, Greece, May 6-8, 2021
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Mission statement

The global food chain system is the single largest source of greenhouse gasses in the world, and the largest cause of biodiversity loss, terrestrial ecosystem destruction, freshwater consumption, and waterway pollution due to the mismanagement of biocides and nutrients. On top of these deficiencies, approximately 40% of all produced food is wasted throughout the farm to fork processes, while more than 900 million people remain undernourished.

Thus the margin for improvement of the global food chain system is huge, and may unlock pathways towards the stability of the Earth system and the future of humanity.
Against this background, the RETASTE Conference initiates the dialogue for innovative solutions and optimization schemes that exploit significant opportunities for food waste reduction, reuse, and recycling at all stages of the food life cycle, as well as their scalability and commercial translatability. In parallel, RETASTE aims to address the social aspects of food waste issues, as well as to highlight ways to tackle social and perception barriers against reducing our environmental footprint, thus shifting the evolving future of social, market, and global megatrends.

Through the conservation of resources, the strengthening of the social fabric, and the development of new value chains, RETASTE supports the implementation of Circular Economy concept.

The audience of RETASTE includes academia, industry, and stakeholders, and is truly transdisciplinary as the topics of the conference dictate. Join us to Rethink Food Waste!


• Circular bio-economy
• Prevention
• Reduction
• Re-use
• Food for feed
• Source separation schemes
• Collection
• Transportation
• Composting
• Anaerobic digestion
• Waste-to-energy technologies
• EU policies
• Socio-economic issues
• Information technology in food waste management
• Food economy and culture
• LCA in food waste management
• Environmental education
• Biorefineries and biotechnology
• Innovation and business interface

The conference is open in any theme related with food waste management, from farm to fork, and will consider papers related to biowaste.

Keynote speakers

Maria Loizidou

Professor, School of Chemical Engineering National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Gerasimos Lyberatos

Professor, School of Chemical Engineering National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Thrassyvoulos Manios

Vice-Rector, Hellenic Mediterranean University, Heraklion, Greece

Katia Lasaridi

Professor, Head of the Department of Geography, Harokopio University

Charis M. Galanakis

R&I Director, Galanakis Laboratories, Greece
Adjunct Professor, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Director, Food Waste Recovery Group, Austria

Clara Cicatiello

Assistant Professor, Department for Innovation in Biological Systems, Food and Forestry, University of Tuscia

Marta Gomez San Juan

Strategic project advisor on sustainable and circular bioeconomy, FAO

Constantinos Stathopoulos

Vice Dean of College of Food and Agriculture, Professor of Food Technology, United Arab Emirates University

Harokopio University, Department of Geography
Eleftheriou Venizelou 70, Kallithea 176 76, Athens, Greece

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