RETASTE: RETHINK FOOD WASTE Second International Conference, Athens, Greece, May 11-13, 2022

A2UFood Workshop

A2UFood Workshop

The RETASTE International Conference is hosting a workshop for the “A2UFood: Avoidable and Unavoidable Food Wastes A Holistic Managing Approach for Urban Environments” Project. Participants of the A2UFood Workshop are invited to submit abstracts in the session: A2UFOOD.

About the project

A2UFood Project aims towards a holistic management system of the food-waste that end up unexploited in the landfill. The proposed system covers all aspects of the “reduce-reuse-recycle philosophy”, namely the overall reduction of food-waste and the utilization of both the avoidable fraction (e.g. food that is soon to expire and can be safely consumed) and the unavoidable fraction (e.g. peels). Through the conservation of natural resources, the strengthening of the social fabric, and the creation of new value chains, A2UFood strives to apply Circular Economy concepts in practice.

The Project is co-funded by Urban Innovative Actions of EU code UIA02-115, through ERDF.


Main Urban Authority: Municipality of Heraklion, Greece

Delivery Partners:

  • United Association of Solid Waste Management in Crete (ESDAK), GR
  • University of Crete, GR

  • Hellenic Mediterranean University, GR
  • Harokopeio University, GR


  • University of Stuttgart, DE


Professor Thrassyvoulos Manios
Hellenic Mediterranean University
Tel. (30) 2810 379304 – 379456
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