RETASTE: Rethink Food Resources, Losses, and Waste 4th International Conference, Heraklion, Greece, September 25-27, 2024

Abstracts 2023

AFR: Reducing the environmental Footprint of Agriculture

Oral presentation

AFR-346: Heterotrophic growth of Galdieria sulphuraria on residues from aquaculture and fish processing industries
Daniel Pleissner, Stephanie Schönfelder

AFR-348: Advances in science and technology for the production of biofuels and value-added products from the use of biomass and agricultural residues
Alejandro Barragán-Ocaña, Paz Silva-Borjas

AFR-363: Potassium, Nitrogen and CO2 Sequestration
Jiftah Ben Asher

AFR-423: Environmental Impacts Derived from A Spanish Crop Producing PGI White Bean Using Life Cycle Assessment
Reina Pérez, Cecilia Fernández, Amanda Laca, Adriana Laca

AFR-434: Development and Sustainability Assessment of Rice Straw-based Circular Economy
Hung Nguyen

AFR-453: Biochar as a Priming Agent
Gizem Balmuk, Asiye Çi?dem Art?k, Jale Yan?k, Tansel Kayg?s?z A?ç?o?ul, Mehmet Kadri Bozokalfa, ?brahim Duman

AFR-482: Should composting in polyethylene sleeves with forced aeration be considered a practical solution during disease outbreaks in poultry farming?
Yael Laor, Ran Avidov, Avishai Lublin, Vempalli Sudharsan Varma, Ibrahim Saadi, Israel Yoselewitz, Yona Chen

AFR-520: Unlocking the Potential of Agricultural Waste in Malaysia for Sustainable Applications as Thin Films
N. Adrus, C.K. Wong, W.Q. See, M.A. Mohd Farizal, N.A.F. Mat Nasir, A. Nasir, J. Jamaluddin, R. Hasham, N. Basar, S.P. Mohd Bohari

Poster presentation

AFR-484: Pilot Intensive Cultivation of the Mediterranean Native Urospermum picroides
Irene Christoforidi, Iordanis Papadopoulos, Dimitrios Papadimitriou, Marios Pnevmatikakis, Maria Tsitsiridou, Ioannis N. Daliakopoulos, Vasileios Tzanakakis, Maria Galliaki, Ioannis Louloudakis, Olga Topa, Manolis Tsichlis, Mariem Bakkari, Eya Marouani, Konstantinos Paschalidis, Antonia Psaroudaki

AFR-541: Utilizing Residues from Olive and Olive Oil Production for Environmental Protection and Soil Fertility Enhancement
T. Manios, F. Galliou, A. Maragkaki, C. Bouki, G. Daskalakis, I. Daliakopoulos, A. Stasinakis, S. Vakalis, E. Kokkinelis, D-F., Lekkas, M. Fountoulakis

AWR: Alternative Water Resources and Wastewater Reuse

Oral presentation

AWR-328: Green solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of resource-intensive industries
Dorian Prato-Garcia, Angélica Robayo

AWR-378: GIS-Based Model to Investigate the Potential of Treated Wastewater for Irrigation
Francesca Valenti, Giuseppe Mancuso, Stevo Lavrni?, Attilio Toscano

AWR-379: Reclaimed Water Reuse Potential in Agricultural Irrigation for Europe
Giuseppe Mancuso, Francesca Valenti, Stevo Lavrni?, Attilio Toscano

AWR-382: Assessment of Sewage Sludge Hygienization Methods for its Accelerated Use in Agriculture
Linda Mezule

AWR-416: Co-treatment of Municipal Wastewater and Organic Wastes in an Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) Reactor
Mahmoud Abdallah, Mahmoud Al-Hindi

AWR-465: Efficiency of Constructed Wetlands in Mitigating Antibiotic Resistance Concern: Safe Water Reuse for Agriculture and Sustainable Food Production
Francesco Guarino, Annamaria Gentile, Patrizia Iannece, Angela Cicatelli, Stefano Castiglione

AWR-530: Cultivation of the Microalgae Chlorella Sorokiniana in Various Agro-industrial Wastewaters and Characterization of Biomass Extracts for Bioactive Compounds
Xenaki Argyri, Zkeri Eirini, Fountoulakis Michail, Stasinakis Athanasios

AWR-534: From DIANYA to HIPPOCRATES, A Story of Scaling up a Pilot Unit to a Demonstration Unit at a General Hospital in Crete, Greece
Stylianos G. Gyparakis, S. Dokianakis, E. Karagiannis, F. Galliou, M.S Fountoulakis, A.S Stasinakis, T. Manios

Poster presentation

AWR-339: Zinc (Zn) alleviates copper (Cu) toxicity and rescues quality of lettuce grown in metal contaminated simulated wastewater
Sana Ullah, A. Naeem, I. Calkaite, A. Hosney, N. Depar, Karolina Barcauskaite

UFP: Urban Food Production, from green roofs to micro-greens and NBS

Oral presentation

UFP-487: Design and Planning Tool for Circular Urban Food Systems
Žvokelj Luka, Cilenšek Ajda, Škerjanec Mateja, Isteni? Darja, Praprotnik Kastelic Jerca, Atanasova Nataša

HAR: Harvest and post-harvest management to reduce losses

Oral presentation

HAR-355: A study on the effect of conventional storage practices on the losses of onions under ambient environmental conditions
Saptashish Deb, Ram Chandra, Paruchuri M. V. Subbarao

HAR-447: Reducing Food Loss and Waste: Unveiling Unfair Trade Practices and Root Causes in the Brazilian Leafy Products Supply Chain
Nathalie Garavito Realpe, Pedro Brancoli, Andrea Rossi Scalco

HAR-492: Farmers’ Perception, Knowledge, and Control Attitudes of Rodents Infesting Cereal Growing Areas in Morocco
Meryem Assidi, Souad El Hajjaji, Salah-Eddine Laasli, Luwieke Bosma, Rachid Akki, Driss Iraqi, Slimane khali, Rachid mentag, Rachid Lahlali, Fouad Mokrini

HAR-559: Unearthing Approaches to Harness the Potential of Hop Waste Biomass
Barbara ?eh

Poster presentation

HAR-502: Preliminary Evaluation of Pomegranate Peel Extracts for the Control of Postharvest Brown and Sour Rots of Nectarines
Verònica Taberner, María B. Pérez-Gago, Lluís Palou

HAR-521: Understanding Rodent-Induced Losses in Turkish Agriculture: Insights from a Farmer Survey
Sukru Esin, Kübra Elmas, Rukiye Oca, Luwieke Bosma

AEP: Alternative Energy Production and energy use optimisation at farm level

APP: Alternative Protein Production for human consumption

Oral presentation

APP-524: Flour From Drone Broods: A Viable Alternative?
Paula Correia, Clara Vouga, Catarina Coelho, Cristina Costa, Raquél Guiné, Fernando Gonçalves, João Gonçalves

Poster presentation

APP-448: Solid-state Fermentation of Birch Sawdust by Pleurotus ostreatus for Mycelial Protein Production: Effects of Nutrient Addition and Reactor Types
Anran Li, Merel Witteman, Cees Buisman, Wei-Shan Chen

NRF: Nutrients Recovery and alternative Fertilizers

Oral presentation

NRF-318: Are biobased fertilizers an alternative to chemical fertilizers in promoting sustainable and circular economy processes?
Carmo Horta, Verónica Oliveira, Berta Riaño, María Cruz García-Gonzalez

NRF-343: Recovering high-value P-K fertilizer from effluents by integrating adsorption and electrodialysis with bipolar membranes
Ru Liu, Oded Nir

NRF-387: Design of Thermal Post-Treatment Unit for the Inactivation of Pathogens in Compost after the Composting Process for Food Production
Hamidatu S. Darimani, Dr. Noellie W. Kpoda

NRF-437: Calcium-rich Biochars Synthesis and Valorization for Phosphorus Recovery from Effluents: Dynamic Investigations
Salah Jellali, Jamal Al-Sabahi, Maram Al-Bulushi, Majida al-Harassi, Yassine Charabi, hamed Al-Nadabi, Ahmed Al-Raessi, Mejdi JEguirim

NRF-441: Phosphorous Recovery from Tomato Waste Digestate
Shruti Katti, Nimisha Edayilam, Bernard Willems, Josephine Cafmeyer, Steven Cafmeyer, Steven DeMeester, Erik Meers

NRF-493: Circular Economy in Agricultural Production: the Cycle of Nutrition Between Plants, Fish and Insects as a New System of Food Production with Low Environmental Footprint
Levizou Efi, Athanasiou Christos, Karapanagiotidis Ioannis, Kormas Konstantinos, Mente Eleni, Katsoulas Nikolaos

NRF-495: Rice Straw Pyrolysis for Nutrient Recovery: Investigating Silicon and Phosphorus Co-Release as Alternative Fertilizer Components
Kieu Trang Trinh, Dimitrios Kalderis, Minh Ngoc Nguyen, Thinh Thi Hong Nguyen, Toshiki Tsubota

NRF-517: Sustainable (De)centralised Recovery of Macro- and Micro-nutrients From Human Excreta Without Pharmaceuticals/PFAS: a Proposal for the "Green Architecture" of the Brisbane 2032 Olympics
Juliette Monetti, Pablo Ledezma

Poster presentation

NRF-331: Use of Acacia Pods as a Source of Vegetal Organic Matter for Soil
Soraia I. Pedro, Carlos Antunes, Inês Pitacas, Carmo Horta, Jorge Gominho, Eugénia Gallardo, Ofélia Anjos

NRF-333: Hydrothermal treatment of wheat bran under mild acidic or alkaline conditions to boost polyphenol recovery and produce ferulic acid-enriched extracts
E.S. Papadaki, S. Grigorakis, P. Mitlianga, S. Lalas

NRF-359: Struvite from Wastewater can Replace Conventional Phosphorous Fertilization in a Maize Crop
C. Mancho, S. Diez-Pascual, A. Gutiérrez, J.Alonso, M. Gil-Diaz, M.C. Lobo

NRF-426: Extraction of Essential Oils and Hydrosols from three Different Citrus Peels and Evaluation of their Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Activities
Dilara Devecioglu, Hatice Kubra Yaz, Funda Karbancioglu-Guler, Derya Kahveci

NRF-431: Recycling Wastewater as Fertiliser for Basil Growth in Indoor Farming
Reyhaneh Gorji, Xiaolin Wang, Jan Skvaril, Sebastian Schwede, Monica Odlare

NRF-432: Green Covers as a Soil Recovery Measurement in Agricultural Policies
Carmen Orts, María Desamparados Soriano, Angel Marqués

NRF-489: Study on the Transformation of Pruning Residues in Citrus Fields Dedicated to Organic Farming
Jose Vicente Peris, Laura Garcia-España, Maria Desamparados Soriano

NRF-508: Cascade Hydroponic Systems as Means of Nutrient Re-use in Melon Cultivation
Efi Levizou, Yiannis Naounoulis, Zoe Karachaliou, Sofia Faliagka, Anastasia Mourantian, Nikolaos Katsoulas

NRF-514: Effectiveness of Composting with Different Soil Types: A Modal Experimental Study
Mariana Hristova, Ana Katsarova, Nikolai Dinev

NRF-516: Monitoring the Carbon-Nitrogen Ratio in Soil for Sustainable Agriculture
Nikolai Dinev, Mariana Hristova, Victoria Kancheva, Ana Katsarova

NRF-522: Testing the Effectiveness of Natural Zeolite on Polymetallic-Contaminated Soils in Bulgaria
Ana Katsarova, Mariana Hristova, Nikolai Dinev

NOV: Novel materials from food resources

Oral presentation

NOV-311: Conversion of food waste to energy storage materials
Nurhan Turgut Dunford, Muge Alptekin, Melih Soner Celiktas

NOV-340: Agrifood Waste Valorisation for Bioplastic Composites and High-value Chemicals
Valentina Beghetto, V. Gatto, R. Samiolo, M. Facchin, S. Conca, N. Bardella, Cristina Scolaro, Salim Brahimi, Annamaria Visco

NOV-352: Biosorption of diesel oil using hydrochar derived from low temperature hydrothermal carbonization of Aloe vera leaf bark
Ngoc-Thuy Vu, Tuyet T. A. Nguyen, Dimitrios Kalderis

NOV-358: Molecular features and disease suppressive activity of organic fractions extracted by green composts
Mariavittoria Verrillo, Francesco Antonio Carbone, Silvana Cangemi, Andrea Pasqualini, Catello Pane, Riccardo Spaccini

NOV-396: A Modified Crustacean Biorefinery Approach: Carotenoids Extraction and Porous Magnesian Calcite Powder
Fran Nekvapil, Adina Stegareascu, Maria Mihet, Simona Cinta Pinzaru, Maria-Loredana Soran

NOV-429: Circular Recycling of 2,5-furandicarboxylic Acid from Designed Biobased Polymers
Michelina Soccio, Chiara Siracusa, Felice Quartinello, Mattia Manfroni, Nadia Lotti, Georg M. Guebitz, Alessandro Pellis

NOV-455: “Waste a second!” Novel Use of Food Waste for the Development of Advanced Nanomaterials
Alessio Massironi, Stefania Marzorati, Marta Toccaceli, Alessandra Marinelli, Katia Petroni, Marilena Esposito, Barbara Scaglia, Luisella Verotta

NOV-462: From Food Waste to Metal Protecting Agents: the Case of Green Inhibitors and of Bio-based Polymer Coatings
Mirko Magni, Rita Nasti, Ester Postiglione, Stefania Marzorati, Beatrice Tagliabue, Valentina Re, Giangiacomo Beretta, Stefano Trasatti, Marinella Levi, Stefano Turri, Raffaella Suriano

NOV-463: Sea Urchins Waste Valorization: Functional Collagen-based Biomaterials for Skin Regeneration
Stefania Marzorati, Giordana Martinelli, Margherita Roncoroni, Alessio Massironi, Luisella Verotta, Mario Trioni, Raffaella Soave, Michela Sugni

NOV-472: Tomato Peel Waste: a Powerful Source of Bio-based Polymer for Innovative Biomedical Devices
Rita Nasti, Stefania Marzorati, Simona Mascitelli, Rossella Dorati, Giangiacomo Beretta

NOV-497: Synthesis of Magnetic Carbon from Pomace: It’s Adsorption Performance
Adnan ?brahim Ahmed AHMED, Gozde Duman, Tamer Karayildirim, Jale Yanik

NOV-544: Whey valorization from cheese manufacturing in Switzerland
Maria Franco, Matthias Meier, Franziska Götze, Elizabeth Bieri

Poster presentation

NOV-439: Waste Management in the Sugar Industry: Study of Pectin Extraction from Sugar Beet Flakes by Conventional and Non-conventional Techniques
Florina Dranca, Silvia Mironeasa

NOV-442: Development of Biodegradable Films Based on Cellulose Derivatives and Pectin for Food Packaging
Vasile-Florin URSACHI, Mircea OROIAN, Mariana SPINEI

NOV-443: Characterization of Biodegradable Films Based on Cellulose Derivatives, Pectin and Essential Oil
Mariana Spinei, Mircea Oroian, Vasile-Florin Ursachi

NOV-509: Study on the Extraction of Bioactive Compounds from Beetroot Peels
Daniela-Oana Pauliuc, Mirela-Alexandra Macoviciuc, Mircea Oroian

NOV-511: Optimizing Lactic Acid Production from Potato Fermentation: Effects of Inoculum-to-Substrate Ratio and Organic Acid By-products.
Aisha Khan Khanzada, Hussein Al-Hazmi, Jacek M?kinia, Ewa Zaborowska, Joanna Majtacz, Xianbao Xu, Xiang Li

NOV-531: Effect of pH on Volatile Fatty Acids Production During Anaerobic Fermentation of Dairy Wastewater
Koutsellis Leonidas, Stasinakis Athanasios, Fountoulakis Michail

AAF: Alternative Animal Feed production

Keynote presentation

AAF-425: Animal Proteins from Human Food to Animal Feed
Despina Papanikolaou

Oral presentation

AAF-543: SMARTWASTE: Reusing wastes and by-products of agricultural industry to develop bioactive livestock feeds’
Smaragda Sotiraki, Stefanakis Alexandros, Panagiota Ligda, Georgios Maragkakis, Georgios Geourgoulakis

AAF-561: From Composting to Solar Drying: One Machine - Two Uses
F. Galliou, G. Daskalakis, I. Daliakopoulos, I. Christoforakis, I. Sabathianakis, T. Manios

FWU: Food Waste management in the Urban environment, from collection to on-site treatment

Keynote presentation

Oral presentation

FWU-354: When is it Really Dead? Ethnographic Reflections on Animals as Food and (Food) Waste
Nafsika Papacharalampous

FWU-435: Design of a Sustainable Supply Chain for Fruit Puree Production through Organic Waste Valorization.
Jeremías Vásquez Essus, Natalia Velastín Osorio, Rodrigo Contreras Núñez

FWU-452: Development of a Blockchain Ecosystem Based on the Tokenization of Food Waste
Stavros Ponis, George Plakas, Eleni Aretoulaki, Dimitra Tzanetou, Antonios Kitsantas

FWU-460: Use of Adaptation Pathways for Urban Food Waste Management
Halimat Abdul-Rahman, Alekhya Dulam, Hans-Peter Weikard, Wei-Shan Chen

FWU-469: The Influence of Acidic Demineralization on the Characteristics of Chitosan Extracted from Shrimp Waste
Ahmed Hosney, Ilja Ignatjev, Karolina Barcauskaite

FWU-513: Municipal Solid Waste Management: In the Case of Itaya Town, Arsi Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia
Mohammedamin Kuluse, Abdella Gure

Poster presentation

FWU-538: The Relationship of Citizens with Source Separation in Municipalities of Thessaloniki Regional Unit
Sofia-Evangelia Chachami-Chalioti, Christina Emmanouil, Maria Samolada, Dionysi?s Latinopoulos

FWU-546: An Industrial-Urban Symbiosis (I-US) concept for the production of gaseous biofuels
Konstantina Papadopoulou, Charalampos Pavlopoulos, Achilleas Zarkaliou, Gerasimos Lyberatos

COM: Compost production, quality and utilization

Keynote presentation

Oral presentation

COM-323: Experimental Analysis ?n the Aerobic and Anaerobic Degradation of Paper-Based Boxes for Food Delivery
Giovanni Dolci, Floriana Fava, Valeria Venturelli, Arianna Catenacci, Mario Grosso, Francesca Malpei

COM-324: Assessment of operational and design issues in a municipal solid waste treatment facility in Lebanon with the Project Cycle Management tool
Francesca Villa, Andrea De Robertis, Mario Grosso

COM-334: Decentralized urban composting as an initial step to a circular agricultural nutrient economy
Paul Richard Momsen Miller, Renato Barreto Barbosa Trivella, Caio de Teves Inácio

COM-350: Nutrient utilization efficiency and soil carbon management index (CMI) following the use of compost in open field on cereals crops
Marco Grigatti

COM-365: Kitchen Plant Waste as Source for Organic Composting Serving Circular Economy. Effects of Vermicompost on the Growth of Greenhouse Vegetables (I)
Vasiliki Kinigopoulou, Konstantinos Kontos, Evangelos Hatzigiannakis, Stefanos Stefanou, Antigoni Geitona, Efstathios K. Oikonomou

COM-421: Development of an Innovative Compost Maturity Evaluation Method Using the CIELAB Colour Model
Dimosthenis Tsivas, Anestis Vlysidis

COM-427: A Systematic Study on the Greenhouse Emissions from a Community Composting System Implemented in a Primary School at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
Daniel González Alé, Javier Moral-Vico, Marta García-Prats, Cristina Madrid-López, Antoni Sánchez Ferrer

COM-444: Efficacy of an Onsite Rotary and Fixed Bin Composting System for Food Waste Management
Munawwar Ali Khan

COM-483: Distribution of Residence Times in Rotary Drum Composting and Implications for Sanitary Regulations
Yael Laor, Dayanand Sharma, Shlomi Oazana, Ibrahim Saadi, Ran Lati

COM-532: Compost Effects on Soil Health and Yields of Organic Winter Wheat in Semi-Arid Environments
Jennifer Reeve, Astrid Jacobson, Idowu Atoloye, Kareem Adeleke, Preston Christiensen, Earl Creech

Poster presentation

COM-373: Safety of Decentralized Composting of Human Waste for Improved Nutrient Cycling in Urban Agriculture
Paul Richard Momsen Miller, Caio de Teves Inácio, Camilo Teixeira, Isabela Tsutiya Andrade, Fernanda Daniela Gonçalves Ferreira

COM-415: Enhancing Composts Added-value Through the Addition of Spent Mushroom Substrate from Pleurotus and Lentinula Mushroom Cultivation During the Mesophilic Phase
Bekiaris G., Kefalogianni I., Tsiknia M., Tsigonakis D., Tsagou V., Zafeiriou I., Ehaliotis C., Chatzipavlidis I., Kalogeropoulos N.

COM-422: Coconut Waste: Composting and Vermicomposting for Reuse
Maria Desamparados Soriano Soto, Laura Garcia-España, Francisco Garcia-Mares

ANA: Anaerobic digestion, biogas valorisation and digestate utilization

Oral presentation

ANA-347: Digestion Enhancement of Recalcitrant Food Organics using a Low Temperature Thermo-alkaline Hydrolysis Process
Basem Haroun, Ajay Singh, Michael Beswick, George Nakhla

ANA-375: Valorization of Kitchen Waste for Gas Production Using Anaerobic Digestion
Chihhao Fan, Yi-Chun Chung

ANA-438: Biohydrogen Production Using Fermented Acidic Cheese Whey
Eder José Ordoñez Frías, Germán Buitrón, Karla María Muñoz Páez

ANA-500: The Effects of Hydraulic Retention Time, Applied Potential and Pretreatment Process During the Electrofermentation of Cheese Whey
Gerasimos Kanellos, Asimina Tremouli, Michail Antarachas, Gerasimos Lyberatos

ANA-529: ?ffect of GAC Addition and Application of Voltage on the Performance of Anaerobic Digestion and the Removal of Persistent and Mobile Substances
Galipidou Eudokia, Deligiannis Michail, Androulakakis Andreas, Gatidou Georgia, Fountoulakis Michail, Stasinakis Athanasios

Poster presentation

ANA-549: Dry Anaerobic Bioreactors at the All4Waste Circular Economy Park
A. Maragkaki, I. Rombogiannakis, M. Kosmadaki, N. Vidakis, F. Galliou, A. Papadaki, K. Katrini, C. Bouki, E. Stathopoulou, T. Manios

ANA-550: Computational Optimization of Solid-state Anaerobic Reactor Blends
Ioannis Daliakopoulos, Angeliki Maragkaki, Nikolaos Papastefanakis, Theofanis Lolos, Christos Tsompanidis, Thrassyvoulos Manios

ANA-554: Monitoring and Controlling the Operation of Solid State Anaerobic Bioreactors via an Arduino Electronic System
Eva Viskadouraki, Maragkaki Aggeliki, Thrassyvoulos Manios, Stavrakakis Georgios

W2E: Waste to Energy (other than anaerobic digestion)

Oral presentation

W2E-327: Hydrogen from biomass: A detailed model to determine the potential of the sugarcane industry in Colombia
Dorian Prato-Garcia, Angélica Robayo

W2E-337: The added-value of food waste: a review of pre-treatments for biofuel production through thermal conversion methods
Ana Ramos

W2E-388: Bio-coal Production via Torrefaction of Pelletized Food Waste: Effect of Pellet Size
Sanjeev Yadav, Musunuri Shriya Krishna, Aayush Raizada

W2E-394: Thermodynamic Study of Bambusa Tulda’s Thermochemical Process for Energy Production
Sameer Ahmad Khan, Ram Chandra, V. K. Vijay

W2E-474: Grease Trap Waste Valorization Through Hydrothermal Liquefaction and Anaerobic Digestion: A Circular Approach to Dairy Wastewater Treatment
Daniela V. Cabrera, Ingrid Adema-Yusta, María J. Santibáñez, Jefferson W. Tester, Crispin Celis, Rodrigo A. Labatut

W2E-496: Coupling of Steam Gasification of Biomass and Catalytic Plasma Tar Reforming Over Low-cost Catalyst for H2 Production
Cui Quan, Ningbo Gao, Hakan Cay, Gozde Duman, Xin Tu, Jale Yanik

W2E-498: Thermochemical Conversion of Biowaste to Bioenergy Using the Thermocatalytic Reforming Technology
Hillary Onyebuchi Onyishi, Johannes Neidel, Robert Daschner, Andreas Apfelbacher, Andreas Hornung

W2E-527: Biohydrogen Production by Lactate-based Dark Fermentation from Cheese Whey in Continuous Mode
Brenda Aranda-Jaramillo, Mirelli Archundia-Amador, Mario Calderón-Prado, Elizabeth León-Becerril, Octavio García-Depraect, Oscar Aguilar-Juárez

Poster presentation

W2E-464: Bioelectrochemical Systems for Wastewater Treatment: Agri-food Waste and Byproducts for the Production of Biochar-based Electrodes
Stefania Marzorati, Mirko Magni, Giorgia Ghiara, Stefano Pierpaolo Marcello Trasatti

W2E-507: Maximizing Wastewater Treatment Efficiency by Coupling a Periodic Anaerobic Baffled Reactor (PABR) with a Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC)
Theofilos Kamperidis, Evangelos M. Kastrinis, Pavlos P. Pandis, Asimina Tremouli, Gerasimos Lyberatos

W2E-510: Steam Gasification of Biochars derived from Saw Dust and Poultry Manure with Lignite for H2 Production
Osman Simsek, Jale Yanik, Gozde Duman

LCA: Life Cycle Assessment and Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) of the different components of the farm-to-fork value chain

Oral presentation

LCA-345: Supporting environmental certification in the agrifood sector through online lifecycle assessment tool: Identification of end-users' requirements
Christos Koidis, Athanasios Bantsos, Athanasios Kalaitzidis, Christos Mertzanakis, Christodoulos Savva, Makris Dimitris, Christos Vlachokostas, Charisios Achillas, Dimitrios Aidonis

LCA-376: Research on the environmental impact of Massive Food Services and Homemade Meals: A Case Study of Stewed Chickpeas in Chile
Rodrigo Contreras Núñez, Natalia Velastín Osorio, Andrea Espinoza Pérez

LCA-428: Sustainability Assessment of Biorefineries for Waste Valorization from Juice Industries
Pantelis Manakas, Athanasios T. Balafoutis, Constantina Kottaridi, Anestis Vlysidis

LCA-466: Comparison of the Environmental Impacts of Omnivore, Vegetarian, and Vegan Lasagnas Using Life Cycle Analysis: An Approach to Contrast Dietary Choices and their Ecological Footprint.
Natalia Velastín Osorio, Rodrigo Contreras Núñez, Andrea Espinoza Pérez

LCA-548: Exploring sustainable strategies in municipal waste management: A preliminary social life cycle assessment of a pay-as-you-throw pilot program
Ioannis Vardopoulos, Konstadinos Abeliotis, Katia Lasaridi

LCA-551: Environmental assessment of edible parts of wasted food at the household level in Greece
K. Synani, C. Chroni, E. Sigala, K. Abeliotis, K. Lasaridi

Poster presentation

LCA-468: Environmental Hotspots of the Life Cycle of Pumpkin Pulp: Conventional vs Waste-derived Preservatives
Joana F. J. R. Pesqueira, Marta O. Barbosa, Luís Pinto, Adrián M. T. Silva, Spyridon A. Petropoulos, Ippolitos Gintsioudis, Miguel Azevedo, Lillian Barros, Alexandre Gonçalves

LCA-539: Comparison of Alternative Life Cycle Assessment Scenarios for the Management of Pruning Residues and Wastewater of Olive Oil Production
Katerina Katrini, Vasiliki Kalogerakou, Asfra Rizwan Toor, Ioannis Daliakopoulos, Ioannis Mavrogiannis, Thrassyvoulos Manios

LCA-553: Environmental Assessment of Integrated Robotic Cultivation System for Greenhouse Tomato Production
Akrivi Papadaki, Dimitrios Papadimitriou, Nikolaos Markakis, Michael Sabathianakis, Ioannis Sabathianakis, Ioannis Louloudakis, Georgios Daskalakis, Chryssa Bouki, Fenia Galliou, Ioannis Daliakopoulos, Thrassyvoulos Manios

POL: Policy perspective in all aspects of the farm to fork value chain

Keynote presentation

Oral presentation

POL-330: Consumer perception about the adoption of genetically modified foods
Angélica Robayo-Avendaño, Dorian Prato-Garcia

PLW: Prevention of Food Loss and Waste: policy, methods and best practices

Oral presentation

PLW-344: Tracking Post-Consumption of Restaurant Food and Leftovers: Innovative Digital Solution and Preliminary Outcomes from H2020 LOWINFOOD and REGUSTO
Clara Cicatiello, Camilla Comis, Ludovica Principato, Paolo Rellini, Luca Secondi, Mengting Yu

PLW-384: Avocado Shelf-life Extension Using Edible Active Coatings Containing 4-hexylresorcinol and Sodium Metabisulphite
Essam Hebishy, Ayten Aylin Tas

PLW-390: Building a Sustainable Seafood Sector Through Collaboration: Insight from a Dialogue Between Stakeholders of the Scottish Value Chain
Nazli Koseoglu, Tareq Mzek, Phoebe Somervail, Simone Piras

PLW-430: Scoping Key Opportunities for Systemic Food Waste Prevention in Collaboration with System Stakeholders – an Applied Methodology
Annelies Verspeek – van der Stelt, Woody Maijers, Evelot Westerink-Duijzer, Ayella Spaapen, Frederike Praasterink, Antien Zuidberg

PLW-433: Analyzing the Use of Accounting Methodologies for Assessing Sustainability in Food Waste Prevention and Reduction Actions from ToNoWaste HEurope Project Approach
Elena Domingo-Morcillo, Elena Escrig-Olmedo, María Jesús Muñoz-Torres

PLW-451: A Review of Food Waste Within the Food Service and Hospitality Sector: Mapping the Causes, Effects and Technological Opportunities for a Sustainable Future
Eleni Aretoulaki, Stavros T. Ponis, George Plakas, Dimitra Tzanetou, Antonis Kitsantas

PLW-470: Applying "Design Thinking" to address Food Waste in University Campus
Susana Yáñez Gutiérrez, Ruth Carrasco-Gallego, David Hidalgo-Carvajal

PLW-515: The Interplay Between Restaurant Food Waste Decisions, Context, and Externalities: Results from a Systematic Mapping Review
Alexandra Neill

PLW-535: Economic and Environmental Sustainability Assessment of Recycling Versus Upcycling Surplus Bread
Fatemeh Mostashari-Rad, Marianne Thomsen

PLW-542: A pathway to sustainable policy: Unraveling the interplay of socio-cultural factors, local contexts, and institutional dynamics in food waste reduction
Yannis E. Doukas, Ioannis Vardopoulos

Poster presentation

PLW-370: Best Practices in Food Waste Prevention Sector Implemented in EU
Foteini Mentzou, Dimitris Malamis, Konstantinos Moustakas, Sofia Mai, Elli Maria Barampouti, Maria Loizidou

PLW-545: On the use of herbs and herb extracts for minimizing food loss in plant protein instant meals
Michail Maniadakis, Nikos Stoupas

FWM: Measurement of Food Loss and Waste

Oral presentation

FWM-377: Lost Vegetables, Lost Value: Assessment of Carrots Harvest and Post-harvest Losses in a Large Italian Producer Organisation
Roberta Pietrangeli, Clara Cicatiello

FWM-395: Food loss and food waste in hotel sector: Insights from empirical data and strategies for reduction
Margarita Anna Manolia, Eleftheria Klontza, Maria Hatziantoniou, Demetris Francis Lekkas

FWM-417: FOLOU Project: Developing a new Methodological Framework for the Quantification of Food Loss in Primary Production in Europe
Adrià Burniol-Garcia, Berta Vidal-Mones, Raquel Diaz-Ruiz, Imane Uald Lamkaddam

FWM-418: Disentangling the Roots of Food Losses in Primary Production
Berta Vidal-Mones, Marc Farrés-Jansà, Adrià Burniol-Garcia, Raquel Diaz-Ruiz

FWM-424: Influence of Packaging Related Characteristics on Product loss - a Case Study in the Dairy Industry
Michelle Klein, Manfred Tacker, Silvia Apprich

FWM-471: Reducing Food Waste on University Campuses
David Hidalgo-Carvajal, Christopher Mejia-Argueta, Ruth Carrasco-Gallego, Mark Hayes

FWM-488: Waste Prevention: The Case of The Municipality of Halandri
A. Barka, A. Dimogianni, M. Vitoraki, K. Markouli, E. Desiotou, K. Papadopoulou, G. Lyberatos

FWM-512: Assessment of Food Waste Generation in China's Dining Scenarios and Its Environmental Implications
Yueyao Song, Feng Zhu, Chi Zhang, Dianlei Liu, Shizhao Zhang, Tianhang Li, Jianguo Liu

FWM-557: Assessment of food waste generation in the primary production
Christina Chroni, Stathis Fortatos, Konstantinos Abeliotis, Katia Lasaridi

FWM-560: Food waste generation in the grocery retail sector
Konstantinos Abeliotis, Katia Lasaridi, Christina Chroni, Evangelia Sigala

Poster presentation

FWM-393: Increasing Sustainability in the German Bakery Trade: Reducing Bakery Returns and Improving Sales Performance by Using Forecasting Order Optimization Software
Vanessa Baur, Christina Strotmann

FWM-446: Mapping the Progression of Small-scale Mining into Croplands: a Satellite-driven Perspective
Stella Ofori-Ampofo, Ridvan Salih Kuzu, Xiaoxiang Zhu, Martin Willberg, Peter Schauer

FWM-449: Food Waste Reduction Using a Smart Scale Device in German Catering Facilities
Paula Gerwin, Christina Strotmann

CFW: Consumer Food Waste Prevention - awareness and behaviour change models and interventions

Oral presentation

CFW-380: Innovation as an Intervention: How Being Involved in Innovations Against Food Waste Changes the Individuals’ Awareness, Attitude, and Behaviours Towards Food Waste?
M Nazli Koseoglu, Simone Piras, Gurneet Kapour

CFW-401: Consumers’ Awareness and Acceptance Towards Upcycled Foods
Derya Kahveci

CFW-456: Food Waste in Hungarian School Catering System
Marton Kajtor, András Tóth, Márton Battay, Miklós Süth, András Bittsánszky

CFW-491: Willingness to Pay for a Certification Scheme Against Food Waste: The Influence of Perceived Behavioural Control and Perceived Responsibility
Francesco La Barbera, Mario Amato, Maria Rosaria Simeone, Roberta Riverso, Carmela Altamura, Fabio Verneau

CFW-501: Worth a Thousand Words: Visualizing Food Waste Through the Lenses of Foodservice Professionals
Carlos Martin-Rios, Julneth Rogenhofer

CFW-547: Game-changer in tackling food loss and waste: Minecrafting a sustainable future
Stavroula Chatzichristofa, Peter Coakley, Federica Dallanoce, Matheus Kakaris, Eirini Mani, Imma Mirales, Daithí Ó Murchú, Marco Piscitelli, Alessia Spatafora, Guido Van Dijk

CFW-562: Sociodemographic determinants of household food waste in Greece
Evangelia Sigala, Christina Chroni, Konstadinos Abeliotis, Katia Lasaridi

Poster presentation

CFW-556: Household food waste prevention - Can experiential learning be used as a tool for reduction?
Despoina Chioti, Hanna Sepp, Maria Nyberg

FLW: Any other aspects of FLW prevention across the entire food value chain

Oral presentation

FLW-407: Reducing Household Food Waste by Dietary Meal Planning
M.A. van Rooijen, J.C. Gerdessen, G.D.H. Claassen, S.L.J.M. de Leeuw

FLW-445: Exploring the Valuable Compounds and Antioxidant Activity in the Peel of New Zealand Grown Buttercup Squash (Cucurbita maxima)
Emily Tobbell, Chae Rin Lee, Zhijun Liu, Pram Abhayawardhana

FLW-461: Untangling the Complexities of Decision-making in Food Loss and Waste Valorisation
Yujun Wei, Marta Rodriguez-Illera, Xuezhen Guo, Martijntje Vollebregt, Wei-shan Chen

FLW-503: Upcycling Polyphenols from Industrial Olive Oil Waste
Alvaro Mayor, Laura Quintana-Gomez, Celia M. Castro-Barros, Teresa Alvariño, Joana Tobella

Poster presentation

FLW-450: Apple and Pomegranate Waste Extracts by Hydrodynamic Cavitation for Vegan and Gluten-Free Cookies Fortification
Carlotta Breschi, Silvia D'Agostino, Andrea Signori, Lorenzo Cecchi, Francesco Meneguzzo, Federica Zabini, Cecilia Faraloni, Lorenzo Guerrini, Bruno Zanoni

FLW-499: Assessing Rodent-induced Greenhouse Crop Yield Losses and Management Options in Crete, Greece
Giorgos Vrentzos, Ioannis N. Daliakopoulos, Ioannis Louloudakis, Dimitrios Papadimitriou, Luwieke Bosma, Sukru Esin, Thrassyvoulos Manios

FLW-552: Food waste in EU level: a spatial and statistical approach
K. Synani, P. Andreopoulos, K. Kalogeropoulos, K. Abeliotis, K. Lasaridi

FLW-555: A Review of Endemic Plant Species of Greece for Managing Rodent Damages in Agriculture
Giorgos Vrentzos, Ioannis N. Daliakopoulos, Ioannis Louloudakis, Dimitrios Papadimitriou, Thrassyvoulos Manios

BDZ: Biodiesel

Oral presentation

BDZ-341: Optimal Production Capacity of Biodiesel Production from Spent Coffee Grounds in Supercritical Ethyl Acetate: Computer Simulation
Wirasinee Supang, Somkiat Ngamprasertsith, Winatta Sakdasri, Ruengwit Sawangkeaw

BDZ-368: Biotechnological Application of Indigenous Microalgae Chlorella sp. T4 for Wastewater Treatment and Biodiesel Production
S’fiso T. Gumbi, Ademola O. Olaniran

Poster presentation

BDZ-399: New Yarrowia lipolytica Strains Engineered for Erythritol and Citric Acid Biosynthesis from Glycerol
Anita Rywi?ska, Ludwika Tomaszewska-Hetman, Zbigniew Lazar, Patrycja Sa?ata, Karolina Malek, Piotr Juszczyk, Waldemar Rymowicz

BDZ-420: Effective Production of ?-ketoglutarate from Crude Glycerol by Yarrowia lipolytica
Ludwika Tomaszewska-Hetman, Anita Rywi?ska, Waldemar Rymowicz

RAC: Risk Analysis, Assessment and Management in Circular Economy

Keynote presentation

RAC-385: Cryptosporidium Implications to Agriculture and Beyond - Risks and Research Needs
Panagiotis Karanis

Oral presentation

RAC-533: Assurance of Food Loss and Waste Disclosure. Adoption of a Risk-based Approach to Evaluate the Materiality and Quality of Information
Álvarez-Albert, Luís, Ferrero-Ferrero, Idoya, Rivera-Lirio, Juana María

Poster presentation

RAC-326: Investigation of dangerous infrasound and audible noises on OSH, produced by the vibrancies of diesel engines using biofuels, in the work-environment of sustainable engineering projects
Panagiotis K. Marhavilas, Gavriil D. Chaitidis

RAC-537: Controlled Environment Agriculture: Innovations, Challenges, and Directions for a Sustainable and Circular Future
Jan Skvaril, Monica Odlare