RETASTE: RETHINK FOOD WASTE Second International Conference, Heraklion, Greece, October 20-21, 2022


KEY: Keynote

Keynote presentation

KEY-192: Food - Waste - Circularity: Contradictions and challenges
Christina Marouli

KEY-194: Rethinking Food Waste Within the Concept of BioWEconomy to Support Green Recovery From the COVID-19 Pandemic
Charis M Galanakis

KEY-195: A Green Deal for the Planet: The Role of Frontier Science and Innovation in Delivering a Circular Economy – the Case of Food Waste
Eleni Zika

KEY-196: Towards a Sustainable, Circular Bioeconomy: the Role of Innovation, Practice and Policy
Marta Gomez San Juan

KEY-197: Boroume
Alexander Theodoridis

KEY-198: Food Waste: Path to Change
Alexia Macheras

KEY-199: Integrated Biorefinery Processes: the Role of Anaerobic Digestion
Maria Loizidou

KEY-201: Valorization of Source-collected Household Food Waste at Municipality Level
Gerasimos Lyberatos

PLW: Food Loss and Waste Prevention

Keynote presentation

PLW-159: Food Waste Prevention in Practice
Katia Lasaridi, Konstantinos Abeliotis, Christina Chroni

PLW-191: State of the Art of Food Waste Measurement: a Key Challenge to Support Prevention and Reduction
Clara Cicatiello

Oral presentation

PLW-18: Possibilities for the Prevention of Food Waste in the Hospitality Sector - Case Study of Hotels in Heraklion, Greece
Philipp Fuchs, Dominik Leverenz, Gerold Hafner, Detlef Clauß, Nikolaos Papastefanakis, Martin Kranert

PLW-25: Alternative Food Networks and Household Food Waste: Evidence from an Italian Case Study
Claudia Giordano, Paolo Graziano, Monica Lazzarini, Simone Piras, Sabrina Spaghi

PLW-31: The Importance of Setting Accurate Monitoring Procedures to Prevent Food Waste at Retail Stores
Clara Cicatiello

PLW-34: Household Food Waste in Romania - a Literature Review
Pocol Cristina Bianca, Margaux Pinoteau

PLW-67: System of Date Labelling of Food from Polish Consumers' Perspective
Urszula Samotyja, Magdalena Ankiel

PLW-85: Choice meals and quantification of food waste in a university canteen.
González-Santana R.A., Gómez-Urios C., Blesa J., Frígola A., Esteve M.J.

PLW-112: Consumer Perception of Date Labeling: An Analysis of Consumer Discard Behavior by Phrase-date Combinations
Kathryn Bender, Brian Roe, Aishwarya Badiger

PLW-113: Consumer Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Analysis of Food Purchasing and Management Behaviors in U.S. Households Through the Lens of Food System Resilience
Kathryn Bender, Aishwarya Badiger, Brian Roe, Yiheng Shu, Danyi Qi

PLW-123: Food Loss and Bargaining Power at the Producer-Retailer Interface: a Qualitative Assessment of Food Loss Drivers in Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chains in Germany
Ronja Herzberg, Markus Keck, ?homas Schmidt

PLW-129: Exploring the Role of COVID-19 Pandemic in the Case of Domestic Food Waste Through the Theory of Planned Behaviour
Mario Amato, Fabio Verneau, Adele Coppola, Francesco La Barbera

PLW-137: The Contribution of Innovative and Intelligent Packaging to the Loss and Generation of Food Waste
Adamantios Skordilis

PLW-160: Methodologies for food waste quantification
Lasaridi K., Chroni C., Abeliotis K., Terzis E.

PLW-169: Quantification of retail food waste through the analysis of in-store data
Abeliotis K., Chroni C., Sigala E., Piperis S., Sapounaki A., Macheras, A., Dionysopoulos D., Lasaridi K.

PLW-170: Behavior of Greek Households on Food Waste Generation
Kritikou Th., Panagiotakos D.B., Abeliotis K., Lasaridi K.

PLW-184: Food Waste Prevention as a Key Tool for Resource Management in Montenegro
George Tavoularis, Christos Tsompanidis, Theofanis Lolos, Christina Chroni, Terzis Evangelos, Katia Lasaridi

Poster presentation

PLW-66: Freshness Labelling as an Underestimated Factor Driving Food Waste
Urszula Samotyja, Maria Sielicka-Ró?y?ska

PLW-83: Material Flow Analysis in The Agri-Food Sector: Evidence from The Italian Beef Supply System
Vera Amicarelli, Mariantonietta Fiore, Christian Bux

PLW-86: Acceptance of a University Menu According to the Waste Assessment of the Comstock Visual Estimation Method
González-Santana R.A, Gómez-Urios C, Blesa J., Frígola A., Esteve M.J.

PLW-94: Sustainable Restaurants: Report of Experience of Sustainable Workshops in Community Restaurants
Dayanne da Costa Maynard, Renata Puppin Zandonadi, Eduardo Yoshio Nakano, Priscila Côrtes do Prado Miranda, Raquel Braz de Assunção Botelho

PLW-95: Evaluation of Sustainable Practices in Food Services
Dayanne da Costa Maynard, Renata Puppin Zandonadi, Eduardo Yoshio Nakano, Priscila Côrtes do Prado Miranda, Raquel Braz de Assunção Botelho

PLW-100: TASTE, DON'T WASTE. Instigating Food Waste Reduction at the Household Level Through Behaviour Change Theory
Mariarina Michailidou, Sophie Dings, Liwei Liu, Joy Oyugboiku, Sarah Reay

PLW-152: The Portuguese Nitrogen Footprint, a Challenge in a Mediterranean Country
Soraia Cruz, Joana Marinheiro, Cláudia M.d.S. Cordovil, Alisson Leach, James N. Galloway

PLW-163: Compositional Analysis of Household Avoidable Food Waste in Four European Countries
Synani Katerina, Andreopoulos Panagiotis, Abeliotis Kontantinos, Lasaridi Katia

PLW-164: Best Practices for Food Waste Prevention
Synani K., Chroni C., Abeliotis K., Homatidis D., Gaitanarou Z., Korizi K., Lasaridi K.

VAL: Valorization of Food Processing By-Products

Oral presentation

VAL-41: Supercritical CO? Extraction of Oil from Arctic Char Side Streams
Ioanna Semenoglou, Lovisa Eliasson, Theofania Tsironi, Petros Taoukis, Epameinondas Xanthakis

VAL-42: Utilization of Acid Whey Lactose Using Commercial and Innovative Biocatalysts for the Production of Galactooligosaccharides
Athanasios Limnaios, Nausika Korialou, Elena Tsika, Anastasia Zerva, Maria Tsevdou, Evangelos Topakas, Petros Taoukis

VAL-64: Physicochemical Properties, Structure and Antioxidant Activity of Pectin from Persimmon (Diospyros kaki): Effect of Extraction Conditions.
Daniel Alexander Mendez Reyes, María José Fabra Rovira, María de los Desamparados López Rubio, Antonio Martinez Abad

VAL-65: Towards the Integral Waste Valorization of Three Relevant Mushrooms
Zaida Pérez-Bassart, Berta Polanco-Estibález, María José Fabra, Amparo López-Rubio, Antonio Martínez-Abad

VAL-69: Citrus Fruit Waste as a Nano-Factory for Super Paramagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles: Decorator and Enhancer for Microbial Desulfurization Efficiency
Hussein N. Nassar, Hager R. Ali, Nour Sh. El-Gendy

VAL-71: Partial Substitution of Flour by Date Seed Powder into Cookies
Costas Stathopoulos, Zain Najjar, Maitha Alkaabi, Khulood Alketbi, Carine Platat

VAL-93: Correlations Between Antioxidant Activity and Bioactive Compounds in Ethanolic Extracts of Pomegranate Peels and Seeds and Their Physicochemical Composition
Lara Campos, Susana Dias, Ana C.A. Veloso, Marta Henriques

VAL-105: Characterization of Biochar Derived from Agricultural Residues as Potential Adsorbent for Extracting Phytohormones in Waste Coconut Water
Monet Concepcion M. Detras, Veronica P. Migo, Glenn Christian P. Acaso, Nicole Bianca J. Catli

VAL-107: Recovery of Bioactive Compounds from Corn Water Stream by Grape Marc Hydrogel as Pre-treatment Before Membrane Processes
Xanel Vecino, Mònica Reig, José Manuel Cruz, José Luis Cortina, Ana Belén Moldes

VAL-111: Valorisation of Alginate Waste Streams from Industrial Extraction as Promising Source of Bioactive Compounds
Bojorges Hylenne, Fabra María José, Martínez-Abad Antonio, López-Rubio Amparo

VAL-114: Re-Use of Viticulture Waste: The Case of Unripe Grapes for the Development of New Vegetal Foods Enriched with Phenols
Giovanna Fia, Cristina Proserpio, Caterina Dinnella, Ella Pagliarini, Bruno Zanoni, Erminio Monteleone

VAL-116: Application of Hydrothermal Treatment for the Optimal Extraction of Phenols from Olive Mill Wastewater in Lesvos Island
Stergios Vakalis, Petros Mastoras, Athanasia Iliopoulou, Dimitra Kotsia, Michail Fountoulakis, Athanasios Stasinakis

VAL-128: Green Extraction Strategies for Sea Urchins Waste Valorization
Stefania Marzorati, Giordana Martinelli, Michela Sugni, Luisella Verotta

VAL-131: Revalorization of Mango Byproducts to Obtain Bioactive Ingredients for Developing High Added-value Cosmetic Products
Alejandro Rojas-García, María de la Luz Cádiz-Gurrea, Abigail García-Villegas, Patricia Fernández-Moreno, María del Carmen Villegas-Aguilar, Noelia Barroso-Moreno, David Arráez-Román, Antonio Segura-Carretero

VAL-144: Nutritional Evaluation and Development of Anthocyanin-Rich Colouring Formulations From Bioresidues of Lonicera Caerulea L. Fruits
Adriana K. Molina, Luís Palmeira, Carla Pereira, Maria Inês Dias, Sandrina A. Heleno, Maria Filomena Barreiro, João C.M. Barreira, Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira, Lillian Barros

VAL-145: Blueberry Bagasse, a Bioactive Residue to Be Included in New Food Products
Emanueli Backes, Maria Gabriela Leichtweis, Cláudia Novais, Adriana K. Molina, Carla Pereira, Maria Inês Dias, Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira, Lillian Barros

VAL-148: Summer is Coming: How Heat and Sugar Affect Saccharomycopsis Fibuligera Biomass and Cell-Wall Fractions Production in Mussel Process Wastewaters as Culture Media?
M. Carpena, P. Garcia-Oliveira, F. Chamorro, Paz Otero, J. Simal-Gandara, M. A. Prieto

VAL-257: test

Poster presentation

VAL-29: Utilization of the Strained Yoghurt Whey by Incorporating or Converting into Food Products
Paraskevopoulou Eleni, Sarantakou Paraskevi, Xanthou Zacharoula-Maria, Andreou Varvara, Dermesonlouoglou Efimia, Taoukis Petros

VAL-74: The Sea Urchin Supply Chain and the Reuse of Waste for New Products. An Example of Circular Economy on Applications Deriving from Marine Collagen
Federico Zilia, Jacopo Bacenetti, Michela Sugni, Luigi Orsi

VAL-78: High-Added Value Products Obtained from Freshwater Fish Waste Processing
Anca Oancea, Lucia Moldovan, Agnes Toma, Rodica Tatia, Catalina Sanda, Viorica Coroiu, Florin Oancea

VAL-80: Mixture Design Approach for Optimization of Complementary Food Formulation from Sorghum, Soybean, Karkade Seed and Premix for Better Nutritional and Sensory Qualities
Mr. Ebisa Olika Keyata, Dr.Yetenayet B. Tola, Prof. Geremew Bultosa, Dr. Sirawdink Fikreyesus Forsido

VAL-89: Sustainable and Valuable Antioxidant Recovery from Winery Food Waste
Jose Ruben Coves, Paulina Tapia-Quirós, Borja Saenz, Javier Vicente Saurina, Merce Granados, Jose Luis Cortina, Celia Maria Castro-Barros, Teresa Alvariño, Alba Pedrouso

VAL-91: Raw Earth-based Building Materials: an Exploration on Mechanical Behavior of Floridia Soil-based Adobes
Monica Parlato, Simona Porto

VAL-108: Infrared Spectroscopy as Tool for Evaluating The Effect Of pH in the Purification of Bioactive Compounds From Corn Steep Water
Xanel Vecino, Mònica Reig, José Manuel Cruz, Ana Belén Moldes, José Luis Cortina

VAL-109: Effect of a Biosurfactant Extract Obtained From Corn Steep Liquor on the Wettability of Grape Surface
Ana Belén Moldes, Andrea Martínez-Arcos, Alejandro López-Prieto, Lorena Rodríguez-López, Benita Pérez-Cid, Xanel Vecino, José Manuel Cruz

VAL-110: Effect of a Biosurfactant Extract Obtained From Corn Steep Liquor in The Properties of a Natural Orange Juice
José Manuel Cruz, Laura Rey, Carla Perdomo, Ana Belén Moldes, Xanel Vecino, Benita Pérez-Cid

VAL-117: Development of A High Added-Value Healthy Spread by Valorizing Olive Oil Production Residue
Sofia Chanioti, Varvara Andreou, Panagiota Stergiou, Stylianos Tzanakakis, George Katsaros

VAL-118: Polyphenolic Profile and Biopharmaceutical Potential of Istrian Malvasia Grape Skin Extract
Željka Peršuri?, Gokhan Zengin, Lara Safti? Martinovi?, Petra Grb?i?, Sandra Kraljevi? Paveli?

VAL-119: Usage Potential of Vegetable Residue Streams
Britta Brands, Marieke Vanthoor, Matthias Kleinke

VAL-127: Bioactive Ingredients from Custard Apple By-products for Nutraceutical Applications
Abigail García-Villegas, María de la Luz Cádiz-Gurrea, Alejandro Rojas-García, Noelia Barroso-Moreno, María del Carmen Villegas-Aguilar, Patricia Fernández-Moreno, David Arráez-Román, Antonio Segura-Carretero

VAL-132: Valorization of Sea Urchins Waste: Antioxidant Pigments Extraction Strategies
Giordana Martinelli, Stefania Marzorati, Luca Melotti, Chiara Porzio, Marco Patruno, Michela Sugni, Luisella Verotta

VAL-134: Valorization of Sea Urchin Wastes: Characterization of Marine Collagen Peptides

VAL-143: Extraction of Chlorophylls from Bioresidues of Daucus Carota L. (Carrots) Aerial Parts for Food Colorants Development
Adriana K. Molina, Leonardo Corrêa Gomes, Luís Palmeira, Carla Pereira, Maria Inês Dias, Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira, Lillian Barros

VAL-146: Prunus Spinosa L. Fruit Epicarp: Extraction of Compounds With Colouring Capacity for Food Application
Maria G. Leichtweis, Cláudia Novais, Carla Pereira, Maria Inês Dias, Márcio Carocho, João C.M. Barreira, Ilton J. Baraldi, Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira, Lillian Barros

VAL-147: Valorization of Sea Urchins Waste for Innovative Products and Diversified Supply Chains. A Multidisciplinary Research Project
Michela SUGNI, Valentina ASNAGHI, Jacopo BACENETTI, Francesco BONASORO, Alessia CAVALIERE, Mariachiara CHIANTORE, Barbara DE MORI, Valentina FERRANTE, Lorenzo FERRARI, Ilaria IACOPETTI, Giordana MARTINELLI, Stefania MARZORATI, Luca MELOTTI, Lorenzo MERONI, Luigi ORSI, Anna PERAZZI, Eduardo PARISI, Chiara PORZIO, Flavia PUCILLO, Marcello TURCONI, Sara VALAGUZZA, Luisella VEROTTA, Federico ZILIA, Marco PATRUNO

VAL-168: The Sea Urchin Collagen, Recycled from the Food Industry Waste, is a Novel and Valuable Biomedical Resource
Luca Melotti, Tiziana Martinello, Anna Perazzi, Cinzia Ferrario, Ilaria Iacopetti, Michela Sugni, Marco Patruno

VAL-176: Removal of Organic Compounds Using Chemically Modified Mixtures of Olive Cake and Wheat Straw Under Batch Processing
Zacharias Ioannou, Theodoros Diamantis

VAL-177: Adsorption of Methylene Blue Dye from Aqueous Solutions onto Chemically Modified Apple Seeds (Malus Domestica)
Zacharias Ioannou, Zyrinthia-Maria Paparsenou

VAL-178: Innovative Approach for Bioactive Compounds Extraction from Beetroot Crown (Beta Vulgaris L.)
Moh Moh Zin, Chukwuka Bethel Anucha, Szilvia Bánvölgyi

UTL: Food Waste Utilization

Oral presentation

UTL-52: Production of Biodegradable Polymers from Food Waste
Alexis Theodorou, Maria Chrissie Isabella Baltzaki, Ioannis N. Daliakopoulos, Christos Tsompanidis, Thrassyvoulos Manios, Katerina Katrini, Angeliki Maragkaki, Kelly Velonia

UTL-55: Prediction of Properties of Poly(L-lactic acid) with the Aid of Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Vasilios Raptis, Vagelis Harmandaris

UTL-124: Effect of Substrate Concentration and Retention Time on the Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste for the Production of Valuable Chemicals
Serena Simonetti, Davide Dionisi, Claudia Fernandez Martin

UTL-174: Conversion of Food Waste to Levulinic Acid Utilising a Catalytic Membrane Reactor
Zhexi Zhu, Xianghong Qian, S. Ranil Wickramasinghe, Davar Sasongko

Poster presentation

UTL-30: Valorization of Coffee Brew By-products Via Recovery of High Nutritional Value Bioactive Ingredients and Their Incorporation into Bakery Products
Papageorgiou Christos, Tsimogiannis Dimitris, Dermesonlouoglou Efimia, Taoukis Petros

UTL-49: Optimized Process of Lactic Acid Production from Food Waste
C. Gryparis, J. Redoumis, A. Maragkaki, P. Mandriotis, E. Voutyritsa, C. Tsobanidis, T. Manios, K. Velonia

UTL-77: Production of Compostable Bio-Plastics from Food Waste: Design of Bench-scale Unit
Angeliki Maragkaki, Sampathianakis Ioannis, Katrini Katerina, Michalodimitraki Eleni, Lolos Theophanis, Tsobanidis Christos, Velonia Kelly, Manios T.

UTL-130: Studies on The Catalytic Activity of Materials Obtained from Waste in the Form of Coffee Grounds in Oxidation and Isomerization Reactions
Jadwiga To?pa, Marcin Kujbida, Agnieszka Wróblewska

TFM: Technology in Food Waste Management

Oral presentation

TFM-40: Rethinking Food Waste in the Industry 4.0 era: A Review of Blockchain Research in the Food Supply Chain
Stavros T. Ponis, Eleni Aretoulaki, George Plakas, Konstantinos Agalianos

TFM-81: GIS-based Model for Assessing New Suitable By-products for Renewable Energy Production Within the Context of Circular Bio-economy
Roberta Selvaggi, Francesca Valenti

TFM-87: Effective Tools to Reduce Domestic Food Waste: Bio-Based Dual Sensors Devices for Naked-Eye Freshness Monitoring of High-Protein Foods
Lisa Rita Magnaghi, Gabriella Maria Simone, Camilla Zanoni, Giancarla Alberti, Paolo Quadrelli, Raffaela Biesuz

TFM-142: ICC Initiative: Transformation of The City of Corfu Into a Smart, Green and Sustainable City
Victor Dimoulis

Poster presentation

TFM-88: How to Control Milk Freshness at Home: Multi-Purpose Colorimetric Sensor to Face Milk Waste and Health Issue
Lisa Rita Magnaghi, Susanna Compagnin, Camilla Zanoni, Giancarla Alberti, Paolo Quadrelli, Raffaela Biesuz

TFM-136: E-Tongue Based on Metallo-Porphyrins for Histamine Evaluation

TFM-165: Managing Household Food Waste with the FoodSaveShare Mobile App
George Mastorakis, Ioannis Kopanakis, John Makridis, Christina Chroni, Ioannis Daliakopoulos, Katia Lasaridi, Thrassyvoulos Manios

TFM-166: Remote Monitoring and Management of In-vessel Composting
Spyros Panagiotakis, George Loukas, Zacharias Kamarianakis, Ioannis N. Daliakopoulos, Katerina Katrini, Manolis Dialynas, Thrassyvoulos Manios

AWP: Awareness and Prevention

Oral presentation

AWP-15: Investigating the Ethical Dilemma of Food Waste in Long-Term Care Facilities
Bruce McAdams

AWP-56: Comparing the Effect of Price, Regional and Environmental References on the Willingness to Purchase Sub-optimal, Regional Dairy Products in Germany
Verena Mückenhausen

AWP-73: Children’s Food Waste Behaviour Between Concept-Based Education, Peers, and Family Influence. Insights from Primary School Canteens in Northern Italy
Simone Piras, Federico Banchelli, Claudia Giordano, Simone Righi, Marco Setti

AWP-76: sObres Mestres - Pop-up Food Waste Restaurant
Nikoletta Theodoridi

AWP-103: “Save Our Food”: A Pilot Food Waste Project in Cyprus
Stavros K. Parlalis

AWP-115: A 4D Approach to Food Waste Prevention - The "Healthy Little Eaters" Case Study
Spyridoula Kokkali, Adamantios Skordilis

AWP-126: Intelligent and Sustainable Food Packaging in a Circular Economy and Consumers Changing Needs
Maria Poli, Athina Mountzouri, Apostolos Papapostolou, Spyridon Nomikos

AWP-162: The "A2UFood Training Kit": A Path to Food Wastage Reduction
T. Ioannou, A. Katsigianni, K. Bazigou, M. Fotiadis, C. Chroni, T. Manios, I. Daliakopoulos, C. Tsompanidis, E. Michalodimitraki, K. Lasaridi

Poster presentation

AWP-179: The Profile of People Claiming Food and Material Support Benefits Due to Extreme Poverty: Data from the Region of Crete
Maria Papadakaki, Maria-Aggeliki Stamouli, Pagona Maragkaki, Stavroula Lioliou, Sophia Diamanti, Kleanthi Kasotaki, Nektaria Pedioti, Joannes Chliaoutakis

F4F: Food for Feed

Oral presentation

F4F-27: Effects of Dietary Dried Food Waste Addition to Broiler Diets on Growth Performance and Haematological Parameters
Elisavet Giamouri, Athanasios Pappas, George Papadomichelakis, Eleni Tsiplakou, Kostantinos Feggeros, Georgios Zervas, Kiriaki Sotirakoglou

F4F-28: Performance and Meat Quality as Affected by the Dietary Inclusion of Food Waste in Fattening Pigs
Elisavet Giamouri, George Papadomichelakis, Athanasios Pappas, Eleni Tsiplakou, Konstantinos Feggeros, Georgios Zervas

F4F-97: The Effects of The Dietary Inclusion of Dried Food Residues on The Fecal Microbiota of Cats
Nadine Paßlack, Thrassyvoulos Manios, Katia Lasaridi, Wilfried Vahjen, Jürgen Zentek

F4F-98: The Effects of Dried Food Residues in a Diet on the Apparent Nutrient Digestibility and Fecal Microbiota of Dogs
Nadine Paßlack, Thrassyvoulos Manios, Katia Lasaridi, Wilfried Vahjen, Jürgen Zentek

F4F-99: In Vitro Fermentation of Dried Food Residues Using Canine Fecal Inoculum
Nadine Paßlack, Thrassyvoulos Manios, Katia Lasaridi, Jürgen Zentek

F4F-171: Characterisation and Quantification of Food Waste in the Greek Hospitality Sector
K. Lasaridi, E. Terzis, C. Chroni, K. Abeliotis, F. Galliou, T. Manios

F4F-172: Microbiological Characterisation of Food Residuals Amended Animal Feed Using a Solar Drying Process
Katia Lasaridi, S. Fortatos, E. Terzis, C. Chroni, M. Kyriacou, K. Abeliotis, F. Galliou, T. Manios

F4F-173: The Environmental Impacts of Transforming Food Waste to Animal Feed via Solar Drying
Abeliotis K., Lasaridi K., Terzis E., Chroni C., Galliou F., Manios Th.

F4F-183: Microbiological and Chemical Composition of Animal Feed Produced from Cheese Whey and Vegetable Residues Following Thermal Drying Rate
D. Chochlakis, A. Xylouri, M. Pitsaki, V. Sandalakis, N. Thalassinaki, F. Galliou, N. Papastefanakis, E. Stathopoulou, G. Daskalakis, N. Markakis, C. Bouki, M. Sabathianakis, A. Psaroulaki, T. Manios

F4F-187: Solar Drying of Food Waste as a Feed Production Process: Experience from the Three Operational Periods of the F4F Pilot Unit
Galliou, F., Bouki, C., Markakis, N., Sampathianakis, M., Papadaki, A., Panteli, P., Georgiou, M., Giakoumaki, I., Borboudaki, K., Stylianidis, N., Manios, T.

F4F-193: LIFE Food-4-Feed: Context, Experience and Future Prospects
Christina Marouli

Poster presentation

F4F-45: Reintroduction of Fruit and Vegetable Waste in the Food Supply Chain: From Their Bioconversion to Earthworm Meal as Protein Source
Doriana E.A. Tedesco, Marta Castrica, Sveva Scarioni, Claudia M. Balzaretti, Sara Panseri

F4F-79: The Potential of Some Underutilized Plants for Food and Nutrition Security in Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State of Ethiopia
Mr. Ebisa Olika Keyata, Dr. Yetenayet B. Tola, Prof. Geremew Bultosa, Dr. Sirawdink Fikreyesus Forsido, Mr. Assefa Gidesa

F4F-141: Fruit and Vegetable Waste: Strategies for a Possible Reintroduction as Feed Ingredient
Doriana E.A. Tedesco, Aldo Tava, Sara Panseri

F4F-188: Innovative and Operational Infrastructure for the Implementation of Research and Development Actions in Waste Management within the Circular Economy Framework
Rombogiannakis, I., Kosmadaki, M., Vidakis, N., Manios, T.

POL: Policy Perspective

Oral presentation

POL-22: Food Waste in Insular Communities in the Framework of Green Deal Strategy
Loizia Pantelitsa, Zorpas Antonis

POL-46: Introducing Pay as You Throw System and Autonomous Composting Units for Biowaste Management in Municipality of Probistip
Marija Hadzi-Nikolova, Gorgi Dimov, Dejan Mirakovski, Afrodita Zendelska, Nikolinka Doneva, Vasko Zlatkovski, Maragkaki A.E., Papadaki A., Sabathianakis G., Manios T., Poda A., Naskova Ljubica, Misseris T., Zapounidis K., Darko Lazarov

POL-75: Autonomous Home Composting Units for Urban Areas in Greece: the case study of Municipality of Rhodes
Angeliki Maragkaki, C. Gamvroudis, C. Lountou, P. Stamatiadis, I. Sampathianakis, A. Papadaki, T. Manios

POL-96: A Legal Approach to Food Waste: Critical Analysis of The European Union’s Regulation on Food Waste
Laura Salamero-Teixidó

W2E: Waste to Energy

Oral presentation

W2E-32: Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Mixed Food and Plastic Waste From Supermarkets
Panagiotis Evangelopoulos, Aron Hakonen, Richard Sott, Lena Smuk

W2E-53: Anaerobic Co-digestion of Coffee Wastes with Other Organic Substrates: A Mixture Experimental Design
Anastasia Kampioti, Dimitrios Komilis

W2E-70: Conversion of Used Cooking Oil Into Biofuel as Alternative and Renewable Energy
Sékou Traoré, Diarra, A.

W2E-101: Quantifying the Future Energy and Nutrient Recovery Potential of the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste
Ioan-Robert Istrate, Jose-Luis Galvez-Martos, Javier Dufour

W2E-139: Biofuels from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Food Waste: The Impact of Feedstock Composition on Process Economics
Enrique Medina-Martos, José-Luis Gálvez-Martos, Javier Dufour

W2E-181: Solar Drying Method as a Pre-Treatment: Investigation of Biogas Production with Solar Dried Mixtures of Agricultural and Organic Residues
N. Papastefanakis, A. E. Maragkaki, I.N. Daliakopoulos, M. Fountoulakis, N. Zotos, C. Tsompanidis, T. Manios

W2E-182: A Holistic Approach for the Treatment of Agro-Industrial Wastewater and Food Waste by Combining Anaerobic-Aerobic Sequential System and Photocatalysis
Spyros Dokianakis

Poster presentation

W2E-26: Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP) of Quince Waste
Dimitra Kotsia, Michail Fountoulakis

W2E-54: Assessing the Effects of Spent Coffee Grounds on Dry Anaerobic Digestion of Kitchen Waste
Ioannis Daskaloudis, Demetrios-Fragkiskos Lekkas, Mihalis Fountoulakis

W2E-82: Assessment of Tomato Peels Suitable for Producing Biomethane Within the Context of Circular Economy: A GIS-Based Model Analysis
Francesca Valenti, Roberta Selvaggi, Biagio Pecorino, Simona M.C. Porto

W2E-102: Waste-To-Fuel: Life Cycle Assessment of Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Household Food Waste
Ioan-Robert Istrate, Enrique Medina-Martos, Jose-Luis Galvez-Martos, Javier Dufour

W2E-104: Developing Dry Anaerobic Bioreactors Aiming in Optimum Utilization of Mediterranean Agro-waste for Energy Production
A. E. Maragkaki, N. Papastefanakis, E. Stafilarakis, C. Tsompanidis, T. Manios

W2E-180: Utilization of Olive Mill Wastewater with Domestic Wastewater for the Production of Biogas and Microalgal Biomass
Ioanna Nitsiou, Georgia Altiparmaki, Dimitra Kotsia, Demetris F. Lekkas, Athanasios Stasinakis, Michalis Fountoulakis

FWS: Food Waste as Soil Amendment

Oral presentation

FWS-24: Closing the loop: Industrial Food and Agriculture Waste Valorization, the Case of Biosolarization
Yigal Achmon, Joshua T. Claypool, Jesús Fernández-Bayo, Jean VanderGheynst, James Stapleton, Christopher Simmons

FWS-121: Suppressive Effect of Plant Diseases Using Coffee Grounds
Mami IRIE, Hikari OBUCHI

FWS-122: Application of Fermented Spent Coffee Ground (SCG) With Inorganic Fertilizers in the Tea Fields and its Effects on the Nitrate Loading, Free Amino Acids and Cation Exchange Capacity
Aathirai Thevarajah

FWS-138: Phosphorus Forms Distribution in Various Composts
Marge Lanno, Mait Kriipsalu, Merrit Shanskiy, Maidu Silm, Anu Kisand

Poster presentation

FWS-149: Coffee Grounds Potential Use for Small Scale Vegetable Production
Soraia Cruz, Cláudia M.d.S. Cordovil

FWS-150: Innovative Agricultural Practices to Increase Farm Sustainability - Tomato Production of Low Nitrogen Footprint
Soraia Cruz, Cátia Carrasqueira, João S. Silva, Teresa Ribeiro, Cláudia M.d.S. Cordovil

FWS-151: Decreasing Nitrogen Footprint of Vineyard Production
Cláudia M.d.S. Cordovil, Soraia Cruz, Cecília Rego, Pedro Baptista, Sónia Martins, António Marques-dos-Santos

FWS-167: Modelling In-vessel Composting Under Different Bulking Agents
Ioannis Daliakopoulos, Aikaterini Katrini, Nikos Papastefanakis, Manolis Dialynas, Thrassyvoulos Manios