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Athens guide

Explore the Acropolis

The Acropolis, a must-see attraction in Athens, receives the highest number of visitors. This 156-meter-high hill is situated at the heart of the city, visible from most neighborhoods. At its summit, you can enjoy a breathtaking view and marvel at the renowned Parthenon, a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. Additionally, the Acropolis is home to the Temple of Erechtheion and the Nike Temple.
Getting To Athens Acropolis by Metro, Closest Stations: Acropoli (red line) or Monastiraki (blue line and green line)

Visit the Acropolis Museum

When you visit the Acropolis, make sure to also explore the Acropolis Museum located at the base of the mountain. This museum showcases numerous artifacts excavated from the Acropolis, including archaeological remains of its buildings and temples. Notably, it houses several sculptures from the Parthenon. The museum provides extensive information on the Acropolis’ history, offering a comprehensive understanding of this historic site. More info here.

Getting To Acropolis Museum by Metro, Closest Station: Acropoli (red line).

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

Ranked among the world’s largest privately funded cultural centers, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center features the Greek National Library, the Hellenic State Opera, and a 50-acre park. The park, open to the public, centers around the impressive “Great Lawn,” regularly hosting meetings and events. The park covers an area of over 20 hectares with Mediterranean vegetation, rich flora and amenities such as playgrounds, a running track, a training ground, a large chessboard, and a vegetable garden where gardening courses are conducted. The Cultural Center itself hosts various bistros, cafes, and restaurants, including a rooftop eatery with a breathtaking view from the National Library’s reading room.
Getting to SNFCC, the site can be reached by car or public transportation, including buses and the tram, by bicycle and the SNFCC free shuttle bus service. More info here.

Relax in the National Garden of Athens

Situated in the heart of the city near the parliament building and various museums, the National Garden of Athens (Zappeion Park) is a spacious green oasis. Take a leisurely stroll through the park, where you’ll encounter various sculptures and ruins. It offers a serene escape from the urban bustle, providing a verdant and wooded area for relaxation. On the opposite side of the park lies the ancient Panathenaic Stadium.
Getting To National Garden of Athens by Metro, Closest Station: Syntagma (blue line)

Explore Pláka

While in Athens, a visit to the Pláka district is highly recommended. This charming neighborhood entices visitors with its inviting terraces and souvenir shops. Despite its popularity among tourists, Pláka maintains an authentic atmosphere and vibrant ambiance. Explore the district’s numerous monuments or simply wander through its narrow streets to soak up the local charm.
Getting To Pláka by Metro, Closest Stations: Acropoli (red line) or Monastiraki (blue line and green line).

Discover Monastiráki

Monastiráki Square stands as a central hub in Athens, nestled within the vibrant Monastiráki district and drawing substantial crowds. Surrounding the square, you’ll find several churches and museums, while the bustling Ermou Street provides ample shopping opportunities. The square itself exudes a cozy atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a snack or beverage. Furthermore, a flea market takes place here every Sunday.
Getting To Monastiráki Square by Metro, Closest Station: Monastiraki (blue line and green line).

Experience Nightlife in Gázi and Psyri

For an enjoyable evening, head to the Gázi district, renowned for its vibrant nightlife. Though relatively quiet during the day, this district transforms into one of the city’s most exciting areas after dark. Another enticing neighborhood is Psyri (or Psirri), popular among young people. Here, you’ll encounter alternative shops and a lively atmosphere. During the daytime, take a leisurely stroll through Psyri, appreciating the abundance of street art scattered throughout.

Getting to Gázi by Metro, Closest Station: Keramikos (blue line).
Getting to Psyri by Metro, Closest Station: Monastiraki (blue line and green line).


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