RETASTE: Rethink Food Resources, Losses, and Waste Third International Conference, Athens, Greece, September 27-29, 2023

Call for Abstracts 2022

Abstract submission

Abstracts must be prepared in English. Please ensure that your abstract does not contain spelling, grammatical or scientific errors, as this can be grounds for rejection. In case of acceptance, changes in the abstract title, text or authorship won’t be allowed. Submission will be open until June 30, 2022.

Abstract review

After review by the scientific committee, the presenting author will be notified via e-mail about: (a) the acceptance or rejection of the abstract, (b) the decided session and format of the presentation (oral or poster), and (c) in case the scientific committee indicates that the work needs corrections, the authors will have a single opportunity to send a new version of the abstract according to the suggestions and corrections of the scientific committee. Notification will be set until July 31, 2022.

Abstract requirements

Title: maximum 2 lines.
Author names: include all authors (use + sign to add fields)
Author affiliations: Department, Institute, City, Postal Code, Country
E-mail addresses: include email addresses of all authors
Keywords: 3 to 5 keywords
Abstract: Maximum 400 words
Presentation format: Oral or Poster. In case of virtual poster presentation, see guidelines below


Poster presentation requirements

In the context of the virtual conference, submission accepted for poster presentation will be delivered as short video presentations. For more information please download the guidelines.