RETASTE: RETHINK FOOD WASTE Conference, Athens, Greece, May 6-8, 2021


Food for Feed Workshop

The RETASTE International Conference hosts a workshop specifically for FOOD FOR FEED. This workshop is implemented within the EU LIFE+ project: “Food for Feed: An Innovative Process for Transforming Hotels’ Food Waste into Animal Feed”, with acronym LIFE-F4F. The workshop of the LIFE-F4F project is funded in total by the European LIFE+ Environment program. Participants of the FOOD FOR FEED Workshop are invited to submit abstracts in the session: FOOD FOR FEED

About the project

The LIFE-F4F project aims to evaluate, through the construction and operation of a pilot plant, a simple and innovative technology of a low emissions process that allows the safe transformation of source-separated food waste into animal feed. The project is taking place in Crete (Greece), in the tourist areas of Heraklion and Herssonissos in the Prefecture of Heraklion.

LIFE-F4F runs from September 2016 till February 2021 and is funded by the LIFE+ Programme of the European Union. The LIFE-F4F project is acting against food waste from the hospitality sector. Five European partners work towards waste minimisation and reuse of non-recyclable food waste (part of an integrated solid wastes management scheme), as well as the Roadmap to a Resources-Efficient EU.

The LIFE-F4F project (LIFE15 ENV/GR/000257) is co-funded by the European LIFE+ Environment program.


Coordinating Beneficiary: ESDAK (United association for solid waste management in Crete)

Associated Beneficiaries:

  • HMU (Hellenic Mediterranean University)
  • HUA (Harokopio University)
  • AUA (Agricultural University of Athens)
  • FUB (Freie Universität Berlin)


Professor Thrassyvoulos Manios
Hellenic Mediterranean University
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