RETASTE: RETHINK FOOD WASTE Conference, Athens, Greece, October 1-3, 2020



BIOWASTE project is a solid wastes source separation scheme, aiming mostly in the hospitality industry, as well as, small and decentralized communities, which organic wastes are in its core, with their onsite treatment to play an important and key role. It is implemented in the framework of Interreg Balkan-Mediterranean Programme.
Project Partners are: Municipality of Katerini (Lead Partner), Greece, Municipality of Probistip, Republic of North Macedonia, Municipality of Yermasoyia, Cyprus, Hellenic Mediterranean University/Educational and Research Committee, Greece and University “Goce Delcev”, Republic of North Macedonia.

BIOWASTE is a project that is expected to:
a) help municipalities to align with the EU policy on waste management and specifically in the need for source separation schemes and separate collection & management of the organic wastes,
b) help the municipalities become more resources’ efficient though the limitation of fusil fuels that consume for the collection and transfer of wastes,
c) reduce the overall carbon foot print of
the wastes management though the improvement of the purity of the collected wastes and the reduction of wastes lead to landfills, and
d) utilize state of the art technologies (PAYT and ACUs) as main tools in order to achieve all deliverables and aims.

For more details visit and the Biowaste Interreg Balkan Mediterranean page of facebook. Participants of the BIOWASTE Workshop are invited to submit abstracts in the session: BIOWASTE Source separation schemes.