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Clara Cicatiello

Assistant Professor, Department for Innovation in Biological Systems, Food and Forestry, University of Tuscia

Clara Cicatiello

Assistant Professor, Department for Innovation in Biological Systems, Food and Forestry, University of Tuscia


General information

Born in 1983 in Napoli (Italy), graduates in Agricultural Science at University of Tuscia (Viterbo), then completes a Ph.D. in Economics and Local Development, defending her dissertation in 2012. From 2012 to 2017 works as Research Assistant at the Department of Economics and Management of University of Tuscia. In these years she develops research and teaching skills in the field of economics applied to the food sector. In May 2017 moves to Department for Innovation in Biological, Agro-Food and Forest Systems, as Assistant Professor in Agricultural Economics and lecturer of Food Marketing. In 2020 she is the coordinator of a consortium of 27 partners submitting a proposal for an H2020 Innovation Action on food waste prevention; the project, entitled LOWINFOOD, is funded with 5.5 million € by the European Commission, starting in November 2020. Author of several paper on international journals, mainly in the topics of sustainable food chains and food waste.

Current position (since May 2017)

Assistant Professor at Department for Innovation in Biological Systems, Food and Forestry, University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy

Research interests

In the beginning of the career she focused her research on the study of short food supply chains, conducting empirical surveys on farmers and customers participating to these chains, for a total of 2,000+ interviews. She has expertise in sustainability indicators design and calculation; for the doctoral dissertation, she developed a model to measure the sustainability performance of food chains encompassing nearly 100 indicators and resulting in an optimization model supporting local policy choices. In the last years, her research became more closely focused on the issue of food waste. She was responsible for the first national assessment of food waste in the retail sector under the project REDUCE, funded by the Italian Ministry of Environment. She coordinates the H2020 Innovation Action LOWINFOOD, funded under the RUR-07-2020 call. In 2016 and 2019 she also worked with FAO Department of Forestry to support the socio-economic evaluation of initiatives against desertification in Africa.


Authors of 79 published documents, among papers in journals, conference proceedings and books.

Scopus metrics (on 08-02-2021): 26 papers indexed, 323 citations, h-index 10.

Top-10 publications:

1.     Franco, S., & Cicatiello, C. (2021). Levering waste taxes to increase surplus food redistribution at supermarkets: Gains and scenarios in Italian municipalities. Waste Management, 121, 286-295.

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5.     Giordano, C., Alboni, F., Cicatiello, C., & Falasconi, L. (2019). Do discounted food products end up in the bin? An investigation into the link between deal‐prone shopping behaviour and quantities of household food waste. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 43(2), 199-209.

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