RETASTE: Rethink Food Resources, Losses, and Waste 4th International Conference, Heraklion, Greece, September 25-27, 2024

LIFE-IP CEI-GR thematic Workshop on Agro-waste

LIFE-IP CEI-GR thematic Workshop on Agro-waste

Τhe LIFE Integrated Project “Circular Economy Implementation in Greece” (LIFE-IP CEI-GR) is organizing (in English) the thematic Workshop on Agro-food waste and the Bioeconomy, on the 28th of September in Athens, Greece. The workshop will discuss the development and implementation of technological and social innovations in the agro-food sector, to enhance prevention of food waste and losses and improve the valorization of food waste into high value products, fuels, and efficient energy production, based on the principles of circular economy. While most of the presentations will be delivered by invited speakers, you are welcome to submit an abstract under theme LCG.

About the project

The LIFE-IP CEI-GR project (full title: Circular Economy Implementation in Greece – LIFE18 IPE/GR/000013) aims to contribute to the implementation of the National Waste Management Plan, the National Waste Prevention Plan, and the National Circular Economy Strategy. Within the implementation of the project the following pilot actions will be developed in nine municipalities and one region to promote the implementation of waste management hierarchy.

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