RETASTE: Rethink Food Resources, Losses, and Waste Third International Conference, Athens, Greece, September 27-29, 2023

In-person presenter

In-person presenter


In-person presenter fee is 400,00 € (late* 500,00 €).

The conference is scheduled as a hybrid event (both in-person and virtual participation are foreseen). All participants are requested to pay the respective virtual participation costs during online registration and the surplus cost at the conference reception.
In case of in-person participation the surplus cost will be paid at the reception. In case measures against COVID-19 do not allow an in-person conference, participants who have registered for in-person participation will be given virtual participation status.

(*) Registrations after 15/08/2022 are considered late. Early-bird registration is confirmed when the payment is completed. Otherwise, late registration rates will be applied.


In-person presenter fee is 400,00 € (late** 500,00 €) but during online registration only 175,00 € (late** 200,00 €) are charged. Surplus cost will be paid at the conference reception.