RETASTE: Rethink Food Resources, Losses, and Waste Third International Conference, Athens, Greece, September 27-29, 2023

Virtual posters 2023

NRF: Nutrients Recovery and alternative Fertilizers

ID333: Hydrothermal treatment of wheat bran under mild acidic or alkaline conditions to boost polyphenol recovery and produce ferulic acid-enriched extracts
E.S. Papadaki, S. Grigorakis, P. Mitlianga, S. Lalas

ID432: Green Covers as a Soil Recovery Measurement in Agricultural Policies
Carmen Orts, María Desamparados Soriano, Angel Marqués

ID489: Study on the Transformation of Pruning Residues in Citrus Fields Dedicated to Organic Farming
Jose Vicente Peris, Laura Garcia-España, Maria Desamparados Soriano

NOV: Novel materials from food resources

ID511: Optimizing Lactic Acid Production from Potato Fermentation: Effects of Inoculum-to-Substrate Ratio and Organic Acid By-products.
Aisha Khan Khanzada, Hussein Al-Hazmi, Jacek M?kinia, Ewa Zaborowska, Joanna Majtacz, Xianbao Xu, Xiang Li

COM: Compost production, quality and utilization

ID422: Coconut Waste: Composting and Vermicomposting for Reuse
Maria Desamparados Soriano Soto, Laura Garcia-España, Francisco Garcia-Mares

LCA: Life Cycle Assessment and Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) of the different components of the farm-to-fork value chain

ID468: Environmental Hotspots of the Life Cycle of Pumpkin Pulp: Conventional vs Waste-derived Preservatives
Joana F. J. R. Pesqueira, Marta O. Barbosa, Luís Pinto, Adrián M. T. Silva, Spyridon A. Petropoulos, Ippolitos Gintsioudis, Miguel Azevedo, Lillian Barros, Alexandre Gonçalves